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The Safety, Spirituality, and Ethics of Foraging (2017)

  • Date: May 7, 2017
  • Time: 8:00am - 11:00am
  • Location: Bartram’s Garden5400 Lindbergh Blvd. Philadelphia, 19143
  • Phone: 215-729-5281
  • Price: $30

This will be a 3-hour class with an indoor presentation at the beginning and an outdoor “walk and talk” identification portion at the end. The Safety, Spirituality, and Ethics of Foraging is part monologue/storytelling, part discussion, and part plant and mushroom identification walk.

$15 members; $30 non-members. Members should contact Zach Webber at zwebber@bartramsgarden.org for the discount code.
Advance registration required through Edenspore HERE.

Instructor Robyn Mello believes that one must think very strongly about the reciprocal nature of relationships when working with plants and fungi and ecosystems. She has become increasingly concerned as foraging grows in popularity that people won’t learn about the give-and-take as they get caught up in “the thrill of the chase” and potential capitalistic gains which come from “discovery” and harvest.

Edenspore is a multifaceted business combining the creative and earth-based passions of Philadelphia’s Robyn Mello. Robyn is in all things a plant, people, and planet advocate. In addition to her solo work with Edenspore, she’s Orchard Director of The Philadelphia Orchard Project, Education Coordinator for Beardfest, Mushroom Mistress at Mycopolitan Mushroom Company, and Lead Siren and Songstress in The Radicans. She has designed dozens of community gardens and urban food forests in Philadelphia within many neighborhoods; has experience in non-profit, small business, and farm management; and has several years of sociological and environmental justice research experience at The University of Delaware.

Robyn first “discovered” the world of fungi 10 years ago and added it to her ever-growing list of things she couldn’t believe had been left out of her formal education. Her interest in the kingdom’s potential to heal human and global ecosystems has only continued to fascinate her. PARAGRAPH BREAK She’s been experimenting with making and taking well-known mushroom medicines since early 2015, thanks to an ever-increasing connection to the Earth and a partnership with Philadelphia’s gourmet mushroom company, Mycopolitan. This year, she decided to launch Edenspore partially as a means to more consciously spread this important knowledge and medicine to the Philadelphia area.

Robyn would like to thank the lovely Programming Staff at Bartram’s Garden who have graciously allowed their space and time in which to teach! ♥