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Nature Photography Series in the Orchard (2018)

  • Date: September 30, 2018
  • Time: 6:00am - 9:00am

Join Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP) at Bartram’s Garden to learn the basics of nature photography! In each 3-hour, stand-alone session, instructor Joshua Lee Mallory of Noise Soul Cinema will cover shot composition, lighting, auto focus, and pro-tips for editing photos through your phone or Instagram. Attendees will capture photos of the Bartram’s Garden orchard during three seasonal peak periods of blooming and fruiting and will have the opportunity to submit their photos to a summer photography exhibit (June 14th through August 30th) and celebration at The Random Tea Room in Northern Liberties, with orchard-herb infused tea specials, music, and more. Learn how to capture and celebrate nature’s natural beauty!


Framing – understand the principles of shot composition: rule of thirds, golden ratio, and when to use portrait vs landscape.

Lighting – creating contrast, working with natural light, and shooting in low light, improvising light diffusion, and reflection.

Autofocus – taking control of what’s in focus.

Stabilization – a few techniques to eliminate blur, and increase overall sharpness of all your photos.

Editing and sharing – Learn the pro tips to bringing out a photos natural beauty with your in phone/ instagram editing.

Class will begin in Bartram’s Gardens conference room and will follow with self-directed photographing of the on-site orchard, a 5 minute walk from the classroom. Following the workshop, attendees will return to the classroom to learn how to edit and upload their photos.

Participants can choose to share their photos with POP to help create a visual botanical index of all the species POP plants in our community orchards.

Space is limited to 17 registrants per session, pre-registration required!

Tickets: $15