Aniya holds a giant check for her winnings

Congratulations to Aniya for her Prize-Winning Pie!

Aniya's prize-winning pie: the Sugar Mama Pie

Congratulations to Aniya, whose sweet potato pie won the first annual Pie Off at this year’s Handmade Holidays event!

Aniya is a 10th grader and has just wrapped up her first semester working at the Sankofa Community Farm at Bartram’s Garden. We are so lucky to have such talented students working with us! The recipe for this prize-winning pie—which goes by the name Sugar Mama Pie—was given to Aniya by her grandmother before she passed. Aniya used to watch her grandma bake this pie time & again; “I just liked spending time with her,” she said. The recipe is a secret. Aniya says her grandma made her sweet potato pie different from everybody else.

Aniya was so thrilled when she found out she won the contest that she cried. Now, she’s excited for the future. She plans to open her own bakery some day, and yes: Sugar Mama Pie will be on the menu.

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