A message of solidarity to our Black community

All of us at the Garden stand firmly with you in grief and anger against the racial injustice that the Black community has borne over generations. Black lives matter.

Much like America, Bartram’s Garden is not just a place but an idea, an aspirational concept that strives to fulfill the promise of love, dignity, and the peace that manifests itself in nature. We acknowledge and regret that the Garden has not always been a place of welcome for all people, especially its majority Black neighbors. We are committed to creating a safe outdoor space for you and your loved ones by acknowledging this history and confronting our colonial past. We vow to present programs that reflect your interests and needs by ensuring your role in their curation and production. We offer the Garden free of charge and as a safe gathering space for socially distanced groups, prayer services, grieving sessions, and community organizing activities. Please reach out to us with your interests at info@bartramsgarden.org or 215-729-5281 x100.

At this time of need, the beauty and stillness of nature can be a salve for broken hearts and spirits. It can make one remember what it’s like to feel fully human. Bartram’s Garden is open and welcomes you as a place to find respite, contemplation, and renewal.

With hope for the future,

Charles Lomax, President of the Board

Maitreyi Roy, Executive Director

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