Bees vs. Wasps: A Bad Rap

You may have yelled it out as a child, and perhaps still do:It’s a bee!”

Let’s face it, the possibility of being stung is not something you want to think about, but the truth is the honeybee isn’t the one to worry about. For the most part they are docile, and rarely sting, but wasps on the other hand, well they are a little feisty. Here are a few differences to help you identify our flying friends.


Next time you see one of our fuzzy friends gathering pollen and nectar, stay calm and feel free to yell out, “It’s a wasp!” because let’s face it, they are usually in a bad mood and can’t necessarily be trusted. And as always, only work with bee hives if you are trained.

Visiting the Philadelphia Honey Festival (September 9 to 11) is a great way to meet people who can assist you in learning all about beekeeping!