Come Enjoy an “Artist’s Workshop”

What is it like to attend an Artist’s Workshop at Bartram’s Garden? I recently attended the Surprising Color class by local Philadelphia artist Heather Rinehart and enjoyed a fun, lighted-hearted introduction to color in the painter’s world. Allowing art lovers to learn more about the significance and incorporation of color, students in the workshop experienced the evolution of color and the interaction among various shades. Students also had the opportunity to play with the nuances of color as conveyed through pigmentation, paint type, and primary color combinations.

Color Workshop 2_07212015Most Artist Workshops are for all skill levels. Did you miss this one? Take a look at our upcoming ones: The Cut-Paper Herbarium Workshop, in which participants can learn about the 18th century cutouts of artist-botanist Mary Delany and create similar pieces, will be hosted on July 26, while our Family Workshop on Animal Art (open to all ages) will be held on August 2 and will explore insects. Check our event calendar here for further details.

All of our workshops reveal different perspectives on art and nature. Whether for family fun or just a day out, we’d love for you to join us at an Artist’s Workshop at Bartram’s Garden.

— by Kabria Rogers