Contracting Opportunities

RFP: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Consultant

We invite proposals from qualified individuals or firms to facilitate our efforts to develop and implement fully integrated institutional best practices to ensure that we become more welcoming, inclusive, and diverse organization, including:
1. Assessment: Assess current organizational policies, practices, and culture to identify manifestations and root causes of bias and inequity.
2. Framework & Skill Building: Provide DEIJ training to staff, managers, and board as well as develop DEIJ tools and best practices for the organizations.
3. Goal Setting & Implementation: Help staff establish a clear equity vision and associated DEIJ goals as well as accountability structures towards implementing the goals.
4. HR Support: Support the development and implementation of best practices to further internal DEIJ values and goals.
5. Integration: Establish guidance and recommendation in order to fully integrate DEIJ into the organization’s programs, operations, and culture.

Please click here for the full RFP. Proposals are due via email by March 15.